About the Bauer MBA Society

Executive Board

Michael Klepfer

Executive VP
Godswill Nwankwo

Co-VP of Mentorship
Benjamin Miu

Co-VP of Mentorship
Anthony Urbani

VP of Events
Kunwar Singh

VP of Finance
Jane Trang

VP of Marketing
Neil Gustafsson

VP of Service
Chris Cassidy

VP of IT
Godswill Nwankwo

Academic Advisor
Marian Newman

The mission of the Bauer MBA Society (BMBAS) is to foster an environment of collaboration and community among graduate-level business students, faculty, alumni and the business community to promote the Bauer MBA.

We accomplish this by:

– Extending lessons from the classroom by providing professional speakers.
– Creating the foundation for a powerful network of future business leaders through events and activities.
– Implementing programs designed to help students with career placement.

The Bauer MBA Society is designed specifically for graduate-level business students at the University of Houston, C.T. Bauer College of Business. Originally named the International MBA Society, the organization was founded by two MBA students, Colin Coffey (from Great Britain) and Alanna McQuibban (from Canada) in November 1994. With the support and guidance of their graduate advisor, Marian Newman, they created the organization to provide a network of support for international students.

Over the years, the organization has evolved to include both international and domestic students. While the name of our organization has changed to reflect this development, we still maintain our global focus and extend a special welcome to international students. The University of Houston boasts one of the largest international student enrollments in the United States, and the C.T. Bauer College of Business MBA program is no exception. From past to present, our members have come from more than 50 countries on six continents.