Case Interview Workshop

Please join the Consulting Club and industry consultants for a session on preparing for Consulting Case Interviews. At these sessions, you will meet experts from the industry and get first hand information on how to ace the Case!

Oct 6 (1:45-4 pm) with Philip Daus, Simon & Kucher
Location: RCC Conference Room
Oct 13 (1:45-4 pm)  with Ben Armenta, StalwartMC
 Location: RCC Conference Room

Session Agenda

  1. Introduction of their company and overview of a consultant role
  2. How to pass the first step and get an interview & answer the question
    1. Resume tips, dos and don’ts for recruiting
  3. Mini case study sessions (based on the different case types) – to show the thinking process for the case types
  4. Road-map to a successful consulting career: What consultant companies are looking for and how to increase the chances of your application
  5. Q&A