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August  2014

About The Marketing Club

Who We Are
We are a club comprised of professionals and graduate students with the aim to help local area businesses meet their marketing needs, including but not limited to: new business development, market research and analysis, new/revised marketing plans and strategies, implementation of marketing plans, etc.


The BMBAS Marketing Club is working to bring real world experience to members through engagements with the following companies:

GreenLife Aquaponics – Looking for a group to assist in their general marketing needs. This company is focused on sustainability. One major product is currently available for sale, while two others are close to completion. Potential indigogo project.

Cuchara (Restaurant) – Marketing Research project available. This restaurant opened in September 2012 with great success. The owners are interested in learning how to further increase their business through reaching out to the lunch crowd. This project will require data collection, analysis and applicable interpretation.

GK Co. (Insurance company) – We started this project, but the owner had no resources to change the website or to implement some changes. As of the week of 2/1/2013 we have had the “go ahead” to start working on this project again. This will entail the implementation of an online payment system, changes to the website and other marketing tasks. Basically, we must bring this small business to a more modernized status.

Candelari’s (Restaurant) – This restaurant needs to attract more traffic. They want to have a marketing campaign focused on the demographics of the area in which they are located (Heights/Memorial). We need to compile information easily available to develop marketing material that will attract customers.

Some of these projects are in progress, while others will begin shortly. If you are interested in becoming involved with any project or if you would like to gain more information, please contact Heather Nguyen at