Energy Club is seeking new officers

The Energy Club is currently seeking three Vice-President officers to replace the current administration in January 2018.  The new officers will start in the Fall of 2017, the first meeting after they are accepted. 


The officers must have a graduation date of May 2018 or later and be willing to serve at the position until after the Spring 2018 semester at a minimum.  Ideally, these officers will serve at officer positions in the Energy Club until December 2018.  If a candidate wishes to become President of the Energy Club in the Spring Semester of 2018 this is a good starting point.  The available positions are:

Vice-President of Marketing

The Vice-President of Marketing is responsible for communications with the Bauer MBA Society Energy Club members.  The VP of Marketing also generates and distributes fliers and other marketing material, as well as registration lists, for the various Energy Club events.  The ideal candidate will ideally be creative and have good working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Adobe Reader, Google Forms, and hyperlinks.  These programs are easy to learn, so this is not an absolute requirement.  Good English skills are beneficial.

Vice-President of Corporate Relations

The Vice-President of Corporate Relations is responsible for developing contacts and maintaining communications with Industry Professionals.  Contacts are needed to make our events possible and successful.  As such, the VP of Corporate Relations will be responsible for finding contacts for specific events that the Energy Club wants to coordinate in a given semester.  This is a great opportunity to get face-time with important industry professionals.

Vice-President of Operations

The Vice-President of Operations is responsible for planning and organizing event day details.  The VP of Operations secures the rooms for events, coordinates refreshments, and organizes the event room on the day of the event.  The officer must be ready to assist in physical labor as it requires moving heavy material.

All of the officer positions have a certain job responsibility, but they all have an opportunity to contribute to Energy Club event planning and execution.  The Energy Club officers will meet for an hour every two weeks, and position responsibilities will require several more hours every week, depending on responsibilities and event schedule density.

Application deadline is 5:00 pm Wednesday, October 11th.