Club Guidelines

Bauer MBA Society Club Guidelines


This set of requirements is intended to be used as a guide for the clubs that are a part of the Bauer MBA Society. The purpose is not to limit each individual club’s identity. In fact, the guidelines have been set forth in order to give a foundation for new clubs to be started. Furthermore, the rules have been established to ensure the high quality and standards of this society are maintained within all branches. It is also important to note these rules are only the bare minimum that a club needs to follow in order to be included within BMBAS. Exceeding these standards is not only allowed, but it is recommended.


Each club is required by the Bauer MBA Society to provide a leadership structure consisting of at least five (5) people.


The club is required by Bauer MBA Society to maintain a minimum membership of five (5) Bauer MBA Society paid members, not including the club leaders. A listing of these members should be kept up to date in order to disseminate club specific information to them. Furthermore, a new club does not need to have the minimum membership requirement fulfilled before starting with Bauer MBA Society. However, a reasonable effort must be made by the end of the semester the club was started. This same reasonable effort to increase membership must be made by an established club that goes below this five (5) member minimum. Club membership is open to all paid Bauer MBA Society members.

Bauer MBA Society Officer and General Body Meetings

The club is expected by Bauer MBA Society to be represented at executive board meetings and organizational events such as general body meetings, networking events, professional events, etc.

The purpose of attendance at the general body meetings is to promote/update the Bauer MBA Society members of future events for the clubs. This is an excellent opportunity to increase club membership and participation.

Club Meetings and Events

The club is required by Bauer MBA Society to hold its own meetings and events. The requirements for club meetings are as follows:

  1. At least one member of the leadership structure must be leading the meeting.
  2. There shall be an agenda that is followed.
  3. At least one meeting must be held each month during the fall and spring semesters.
  4. A sign-in sheet of attendees must be kept for each meeting.

Events that the individual clubs organize only have two requirements. The first requirement is the club must have at least one event per month. The second requirement is that the club must involve professionals from major organizations in each of these required events. The types of events in the past have included company visits, guest speakers, competitions judged by executives in the industry, etc. In this regard, the only limit to these events is your creativity.

For events that have a limit on the number of attendees, priority may be given to the most active club members. Finally, any additional events that are put on by the club may or may not include professionals.