Marketing Club


Within the Bauer Marketing Club, we provide networking events, forums, panel discussions, and roundtables to connect Bauer graduate students to the Houston marketing industry. We also link students to marketing job and internship opportunities through connections within the American Marketing Association (AMA), Houston Interactive Marketing Association (HiMA), and the American Advertising Federation (AAF).

About Us

President of Marketing Club

Emily Clark, Professional MBA

I am an army brat so I say I am from ‘everywhere’. I received my BS in Communications and Advertising from the University of Idaho. I am in my first year of my MBA and plan to finish courses in January 2018. I am very passionate about animals. I volunteer with a local animal rescue group and the city shelter as an animal fosterer. I'm the oldest of five kids and most of my family is in San Antonio but, I have one sister and a niece in Houston. 

Vice President of Marketing and Communications

Vishi Agarwal, MS Marketing

I am a first year MS Marketing student planning to graduate in May 2018. I already have an MBA in finance from a premier business school in India, so this is my second masters (an international one!). I have 3+ years of experience working in consulting, start-up and export house. I found my passion for marketing during my last stint and am loving the program by far. I want to focus on digital marketing and data analytics. I moved to Houston all the way from India this January and I am fascinated by the new culture and the diversity of this city. 

Vice President of Graphic Design

Kimmie Gillespie, Professional MBA

Art teacher by day, MBA student by night. I have written and illustrated a children’s book but that has been put on hold since I started my MBA. I am very involved at my church, Lakewood. I am on the Media Team, Choir, and I co-lead an all-girls lifegroup. I live for weekends when I can be anywhere near water: pool, beach, or boat. I am originally from Ohio so most of my family is still up there, I’m the young pup that ventured away.

Vice President of Strategic Partnership

Chris O'Connor, Professional MBA

I am a first year MBA student. I graduated from UTSA with my BBA in Marketing and then pursued a leadership development role with Hewlett-Packard in Plano. Recently I relocated to Houston and decided to take the next step in my education. I've always loved marketing, and have been fascinated by the positive and negative aspects of it. In my free time, you'll see me riding scooters around the Heights or hanging out with my fat little dog.


Vice President of Events

Madiha Hanif, Professional MBA

I am a first year Professional MBA student and own my own business. I worship marketing and advertising and am extremely passionate about what makes people tick and their thought process behind each action. I received my BBA in Finance and my BA in Communications-Public Relations from the University of Houston. Houston is my city and home, where I have been allowed to live and dream with my family, grow as an individual, and work as a professional.



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