Leadership Team

The Bauer MBA Society Leadership Team is divided into specific committees which plan and execute their respective roles of responsibility.

The committees are responsible for different aspects of the organization and contribute to the overall planned activities of the Bauer MBA Society.

Executive Board
Provides vision and direction to the organization and all other committees. This senior group consists of the President, Vice Presidents and Academic Advisor.

Events Committee
Tasked with the logistics of all Bauer MBA Society activities and with the implementation of combined Society club events. This committee includes the Events Director, Social Chair and Meetings Chair.

Finance Committee
Responsible for managing the fiscal, financial and related regulatory affairs of the Bauer MBA Society. The Finance Committee is responsible for raising, receiving and disbursing funds. This committee includes the Finance Director, Fundraising Chair and Corporate Sponsorship Chair.

Mentorship Committee
Bauer MBA Society's newest committee was created to help its members foster relationships and network with past Bauer MBA Alumni who work in careers and industries aligned with each individual participant's career aspirations. This committee includes the 4 Mentorship Directors.

Marketing Committee
The face of the Bauer MBA Society, this committee is the main promoter of the image and brand of the organization. The Marketing Committee is responsible for communicating and publicizing Society events to members and all Bauer MBA students. This committee includes the Marketing Director, Membership Chair, and IT Chair.

Service Committee
Responsible for reaching out to find opportunities for the Bauer MBA Society and its members to give back to the community through service, volunteering, and other philanthropic events. This committee includes the Service Director and Community Outreach Chair.